Transport Lord Drops Bike Spanner

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Didn’t do his homework.

In a remarkable clanger hitting the bike shed floor, Lord Armhad of Wimbledon claimed cyclists posed a greater danger to ‘commuters’ than trucks and cars.  The peer is Under Secretary of State for Transport so you would think he would have his facts right.

Not a bit of it.  His fellow Tory peer Lord Robathan dived in to challenge this assertion – as much as their lordships are capable of diving anywhere.  He requested Lord Ahmad  produce the statistics showing the numbers killed by cyclists.   Surprisingly he didn’t have the figures to hand.

Always thrusting his pedals, Carlton Reid of Bikebiz dug out the figures and produced them online with a summary of the debate instigated by Labour peer Lord Willis.   who complained of ‘bully boys on bikes’.

See Carlton’s report

Cyclingnorthwales says>>>>

Bearing in mind his transport responsibilities,this is one gaff Lord Ahmad should not have dropped. If this is what he says in public, what does he say in private when decisions are made!

No doubt there are many who will quote his initial comments without bothering to check the facts.

That said, there should be no place for intemperate behaviour as we travel, whatever method of transport we choose.  Bullying is unacceptable from any quarter.  When tempers come in through the window, common sense goes out through the door.  Lives can be at risk when tempers flare.

It is a consolation that Lord Ahmad later conceded to the benefits of cycling after Liberal peer Lord Taverne pointed out the green credentials of the bicycle.  It runs on tap water and tea cakes- and has its own built in gymnasium!

And a tandem’s great for carting your Christmas Tree home – with a helping hand >>>>