Providers must make space for recumbents & adapted cycles

Many cycle routes are not fit for purpose.

For recumbent and specially adapted cycles, many cycle routes throughout the UK are substandard and unusable.  .  This clearly is not the deliberate intention of the planners or designers, but arises from a lack of thought or first hand experience of the challenges facing the users of such machines.   We present here the case of Sylvia’.   Sylvia rides a recumbent trike. She has discovered that a section of National Cycle Route 5 at Old Colwyn is being closed for urgent coastal protection work.  This could take at least 6 months into the late summer 2020.

Kinmel Bay. National Cycle Route 5.

Provision is being made for pedestrians and riders of standard road bikes.  But not the sort of machines often used by folks with a disability or advancing years.  Their balance is important, and cycling over three wheels (tricycle) becomes necessary.

So without further ado, watch this video of Sylvia’s experience attempting to negotiate a diversion to this section of the national cycle route..  Try to persevere.  You may become impatient  with Sylvia’s progress circumventing various obstacles, but she was riding in real time.  Her experience will be recognised by many riders, some disabled, some not.   Many cycle routes around the UK are impossible to navigate on non-standard machines.  This is blatant discrimination and social exclusion of some of the most vulnerable within our society.





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