Everyday Cycling In Wales Needs You!

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Don’t feel safe on your local roads?

Worried about pushing your bike beyond your front gate?………………….   Fed up with the lack of decent  provision for cycling and walking in your area?.   Are you disabled and fearful of conditions on the road?…………. But would know what would make for a new or improved route for all vulnerable users?

Then now’s the time to share your views and local knowledge.   Cycling UK is here to help you do so.

Launch of Welsh Active Travel Initiative.

Launched in Cardiff on Monday 8th August 2016 by Health Minister, Rebecca Evans AM, Cycling UK has created a web tool that directs you straight to the right person in your local authority and allows you to register your interest in helping map the next network of cycling and walking routes in your local area.

Whether you go to school, work, the shops, or visit your nearby leisure centre under your own steam, local authorities want your knowledge on what routes are needed to make cycling and walking there easier.

Do your bit here>>>

It’s simple to register, and takes less than 3 minutes. So take part now and make a real difference where it matters most – in your neighbourhood!

Cyclingnorthwales says:-

Whatever your local journey, often you will find you can get to your destination faster by cycling than the driver of a car – and far easier.  That is, if proper provision is made for you by safe attractive conditions on your trip.  These are a few examples of the sort of cycling the Active Travel legislation is aiming to encourage>>>>