The Coronavirus Virus Emergency shows us that cycling really is important for the nation’s health and mobility.

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Joint call for more space for cycling&walking.

CyclingUK has co-signed letters to the English and Welsh cycling ministers urging them to support the reallocation of road space to people walking and cycling during the coronavirus emergency. 

For Wales, In addition to Gwenda Owen for Cycling the UK, the following joint signatories supported the call.

Dr Tom Porter, Consultant in Public Health Medicine, Healthy Travel Wales (

Neil Canham, Sustrans Cymru

Anne Adams-King, Welsh Cycling

Joseph Carter, Healthy Air Cymru

Rebecca Brough, Ramblers Cymru

Sian Donovan, Pedal Power Cardiff

Stephen Edwards, Living Streets

Will Butler-Adams OBE, CEO Brompton Bicycles


Student’s journey deflected by misleading signage.

Conwy CBC Highways should replace the ambiguous ‘Dismount’ signage on Conwy Cob footway with ‘Share With Care’.

It was been repeatedly warned by CyclingUK and other parties that the adjacent section of NCR5 on the highway risks serious injury to cyclists, not least novices and children unfamiliar with its characteristics and traffic levels.

It has chosen to ignore these warnings (including a formal complaint) thereby exposing individual local authority officers and members to an action for corporate liability in the event of a traffic incident involving injury or death to a vulnerable user.


Just one of the many hazards associated with Conwy Cob

Cycling responsibly.  Sharing with Care – it can be done!