Rhyl East Promenade (NCR5) – closure and diversion for 2 year coastal defence work.

Promenade Closure and Diversion until at least the Autumn of 2022

Please note:-   There will be no access to and from the beach between the Start/End of the promenade diversion.

For further information, updates,and an interactive facility, visit the official EAST RHYL COASTAL DEFENCE website.

Cycling North Wales says:-

Why is it that the automatic response to construction work is to erect DISMOUNT signage without consideration of the inconvenience to all-weather commuting 24/7 riders, not to mention children and users of adapted cycles?

Presumably mobility scooter users are excluded from the prohibition.  But many cyclists are similarly disabled without it being apparent to the observer.  Walking difficulties and other health conditions are not uncommon among cyclists.



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VIDEO  The approximate length of promenade affected by the closure may be seen in this video from the start up to 3 minutes 10 seconds.