Bollards – cycle path perils.

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Take a look at this video>>>>>>> Obscured bollards You can see how easy it is for a  cyclist to hit a bollard when a sight line is obscured.  In this case forward vision is obscured by another cyclist.  There … Read More

Caernarfon – threats to cycle routing

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Threats to integrated cycle routing Throughout the vast county of Gwynedd there are excellent examples of well designed and functional cycle routes. Until recently cyclists travelling  through Caernarfon enjoyed good quality. However threats come from several directions. Cyclist Fatality The … Read More

Barmouth Bridge, Maddawch Estuary.

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      The following Press Release was issued by Joyce Watson,Welsh Assembly Member  (Mid and West Wales). 11th November 2015. Network Rail “investigating” money-saving options for Barmouth Bridge   Network Rail is considering reducing future maintenance work on Barmouth … Read More

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