Claire – the real person who just happens to be on two wheels sometimes.

I’m just a person – like you!

Hi I’m Claire Schultz -Mace and I’m NOT a cyclist. I’m a girl who happens to enjoy riding bikes. 🚴‍♀️

Claire – I’m not a cyclist. I’m a person.

I’m putting this out there because I’m deeply saddened and concerned by the amount of hatred I am seeing on social media (some posted by people in my friends list) and out and about towards others like me. 😪
So let me tell you a bit about what you call a ‘f#$%¥@g cyclist’.

I am a wife, daughter, an Aunt and a friend.
I work hard, pay my taxes, raise a lot of money for charities and help motivate others into fitness to benefit their health – mental and physical. 💪
I also suffer from a debilitating illness (Crohns disease) which cycling has helped enormously. Through this I have met wonderful, supportive people who make life worthwhile.

I am responsible and respectful when riding my bike ensuring I thank everyone who passes me safely and I give way when necessary. It may surprise you that most of my friends who also ride bikes (some top level athletes) also behave like me!! 🚴‍♂️

Why hate?

So why add to the increase of hatred towards me?

People are being run off the road, pushed off their bikes, sworn at just because you are tarring everyone with the same brush. 🤔
Are all drivers dangerous and speed or don’t use their indicators? 🚗
Do all dog walkers fail to pick up their dog’s poo or worse still fling the poo bag in a tree? 🐕

NO. Well there you have it!

Oh and by the way we ride two abreast on wide roads so it’s easier and safer for you to overtake rather than queue behind a line of us!
I know some of you will say I don’t belong on the road but you probably say the same about horse riders, dog walkers, runners, elderly drivers, young drivers, white vans, tractors……

A plea from my heart to your heart.

Let’s not be intolerant of each other. 🤝
There’s so much other serious stuff going on out there.

So please, if you would, just treat me safely as CLAIRE – the GIRL, the WIFE, the DAUGHTER, the AUNT, the WORKER, the FUNDRAISER, the FRIEND who JUST LIKES TO RIDE HER BIKE.
Thank you 🤗😘