Wales to Trial 20mph in selected residential areas. Why not selected rural lane corridors also?

Roger King (L) and Vaughan Geffing carry the message forward – 20mph.

Eight Trial Areas

Eight areas of Wales will trial 20mph speed limits from the summer of 2021, ahead of a national rollout by April 2023.
The Welsh Government has previously revealed plans to make 20mph the default speed limit in residential areas where currently it stands at 30mph.
Most of the trial areas are in south-east and south-west Wales, with Buckley, Flintshire in North East Wales to take part.

The change is “a bold step that will save lives“, said Lee Waters, Deputy Minister for Economy and Transport.
The government said it hoped the pilots would “help develop enforcement arrangements and overcome unforeseen issues”.

In support, Health Minister Vaughan Gethin added:-  I am pleased that plans to make 20mph the default speed in all residential areas from 2023 has taken a step forward.  I have long supported the call for 20mph in built up areas across the constituency and have worked with residents and the 20’s Plenty group to campaign for this.

I know it has been of particular concern in Sully with the growing volume and speed of traffic which passes through the village.   A 20mph default speed limit would make a real difference in making our streets safer. It could also get more people walking and cycling and support the ongoing work to promote sustainable communities.

 ‘20s Plenty’ founder Rod King responds:-

Good to see Welsh Health Minister Vaughan Gething posting his support for the roll-out of a national 20mph urban limit in Wales.  Well done to all the Welsh campaigners who have worked hard to show how much public support there is for 20’s Plenty. And well done Senedd members from all parties for their support for this important initiative. (Picture above with a fellow campaigner was taken in a meeting at the Welsh Senedd in April 2018)

Editorial Comment:-

People live in the countryside too.  And much of Wales comprises rural communities without such much as pavements or footways to get about, let alone road space to cycle in safety.  Without the range, convenience and luggage bearing capacity that cycling provides, Active Travel as a front line government policy will fall short of its most laudable aims.


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