Denbighshire Cycle Route Facebook Support Group Pedals On – 1.5K members in days.

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Action – time is not on our side!

Within days of the launch of Roger Rowett’s Denbighshire facebook cycling initiative, the number joining has rocketed to over 1500.  The criteria for the page is that members should either reside in the county, or have an interest in encouraging the development of quality cycling infrastructure in the county.

Inspired by the reduction of motor traffic arising from the coronavirus lockdown many are discovering the lanes and byways close to their home that previously they observed on’y fleetingly through a windscreen’.  Everywhere we are hearing reports of people becoming more outgoing and stopping for a chat –  social distancing of course.

With many expressions of delight and satisfaction at finding roads and byways free to cycle and walk in safety and comfort, neighbourhoods have been re-discovered – or discovered  for the first time in some cases  We publish some of those here:-

  • I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my road bike for the last 7 weeks, I’ve explored local lanes, main routes and what would’ve been busy main roads and enjoyed the Clwydian range from a new perspective.Cycling is incredibly important to my health, especially the mental side where I feel calmer and fulfilled post-ride, so being able to get out during this time had been invaluable, but amazingly I have lost weight and become stronger as a result, an average of 3lb a week has been shed and I am much more confident up hills now! As a result of that I’ll be integrating road riding into my weekly workouts, I just hope the roads are as accessible afterwards! (Sean C St Asaph)
  • Cycle paths everywhere. Brilliant! Perhaps some good will eventually come form this awful pandemic. Reconfiguring the economy and ways of working could all be done to accelerate the race to go carbon 0 and prevent the next imminent disaster, sea level rise. KB
  •  I can’t stress enough how much a cycle route down Wrexham road back into Ruthin is needed. I took this short clip today to show how narrow this path is with my son on it who is 7. He is trying to complete 100 miles cycling in 31 days and so some days he wants to do a different route which takes us to here after being on lanes. The cars go so fast he has to stop when they’re coming towards him so he doesn’t wobble off . This car went wide but most don’t . (Li)
  • Ruthin to St Asaph is a priority for a cycle path and surrounding area too. Boris Johnson’S Government has promised millions to invest in cycle paths, so get in touch with your elected MP. Welsh Assembly Member, C.Councillor , Sustrans and ask if any of this money 💰 is coming to Wales. Our roads are too dangerous for cyclists 🚴‍♀️ so let’s act now and follow Netherlands example ,before it’s too late. (PS)
  • I’m wondering if such a social enterprise (and a cooperative of social enterprises) could be viable in Denbighshire? We could alter used bikes and power them up with electric motors to climb hills with loaded bikes. (JV)
  • My family and I are all keen cyclists living in Llangollen but it has been brilliant to be able to take the children out in the roads without fear. They are 3 and 5, both good cyclists over 5-6k and we’ve had some brilliant trips out and about. The quieter roads (which often run through the least steep routes, ideal for smaller legs) have given all of us confidence to go more often and go further. (Robyn Llangollen)