Road & Path Cycling Association.

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Since the invention of the bicycle, countless cycling organisations have flourished briefly only to disappear without trace.There must be many faded photographs in private collections that attest to their existence.  Apart from rare examples, most have left no physical trace on public view.

Such an exception is the Cyclists Touring Club (CTC), now re-branded CyclingUK, of which  there are still examples of its ‘Winged Wheel’ wall plaques to be seen recommending places to eat or sleep in the days o’yore.  Several of these are still to be seen in North Wales today.

But there is one organisation that was clearly an influence to be reckoned with.  Formed around 1893, the Road & Path Cycling Association existed for only two or three decades into the 20th century.  At the time it was probably seen as a rival to the CTC, the National Cycling Union (NCU) and the National Clarion, offering as it did benefits of membership..

Of surviving words there are few,  But what we can see on buildings are four metal signs.  All in surprisingly good condition considering they must be over 100 yrs old.  Their dispersal suggests it was an association that reached out widely.  It negotiated favourable travel and other concessions for its  members in this country and abroad. This included Norway of which there is reference below.

The metal triangular signs can be see at Chester, New Quay, Lichfield and Wigan..  The latter shares pride of place with a CTC Winged Wheel on either side of the main entrance of what was formerly the Victoria Hotel.

NEWSFLASH! 29/6/2017.  Another one uncovered at Ightham, Kent on the front wall of the George and Dragon Inn.  Added below


Here are a few newspaper cuttings offering an intriguing challenge to those history buffs amongst us.  Additionally there are documents stored in the National Archive>>>

Please let us know what you discover>>>>>>>>>.

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